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By Ros Satar, at Wimbledon

  • Andy Murray – potential prize money for defending his Wimbledon title
  • Getting over injury, just how far can Murray go?
LONDON, UK – With another annual increase to the prize pot this year, how much will Andy Murray earn should he defend his title?



It has been a long old slog but we are finally at the end of the gruelling European Swing. Wimbledon is considered the jewel in the crown of Slams, but how much money is on the line for this year’s defending champion, Andy Murray?


Place Prize Money
Winner £2.2m
Runner-up £1.1m
Semi-finalist £550k
Quarter-finalist £275k
Round 4 £147k
Round 3 £90k
Round 2 £57k
Round 1 £35k


What does this mean for Andy Murray?

Last year of course he scooped the big prize which was a cool £2m and this time around he could snaffle an extra £200k. But with challenges still awaiting him on the draw for the second week, he may have to settle for quite a bit less.

It has been a frustrating year for the World No. 1 with shingles, elbow and hip injuries and a cold, but if he can play himself into form as he did after less than ideal preparations in Paris, then he could be heading for quite the pay day.


Total Prize Purse for 2017 (Current Currency Conversion)

Australian Open Roland Garros Wimbledon US Open (2016)





£31.6m $46.3m



NOTE: It is expected that the US Open will follow suit with the other Slams in raising their prize pot from last year.

The Championships at Wimbledon take place between 3-16 July.


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