By Jake Davies

  • Five reasons why Garbiñe Muguruza will win the Wimbledon title
LONDON, UK – Garbiñe Muguruza reaches the Wimbledon final for the second time – can she make it two Slam titles in two years?



1) Comparison of Muguruza in 2015 to the player at present

In 2015, Garbiñe Muguruza was completely new to the situation of a Slam final and how she would wake up and feel on the morning of the biggest day of her life. Now she is a Grand Slam champion, but an even greater positive for the Spaniard is that she has that additional experience of playing well in a Wimbledon final, which is something that is invaluable when preparing for a major final against five-time Wimbledon champion Venus Williams.


2) Well-equipped with former champion Conchita Martinez

The proof is in the pudding that the Muguruza and Conchita Martinez partnership is a blossoming one and maybe it is a partnership that should be considered on a full-time basis. Sam Sumyk has won Grand Slam titles as a well-respected coach on the WTA tour, but nothing can replicate or come close to having the experience of a former player who has been there and done it on the sport’s grandest of stages, let alone at Wimbledon of all tournaments.

Martinez, who is Spain’s Davis Cup and Fed Cup captain, has passed on her words of wisdom and told Muguruza the ways to improve and the ways in which she can get the very best out of her charge in a setting she is all too familiar with.


3) Spain’s finest is a ‘Confidence player’

Some players like Roger Federer can return to his best form with barely any competitive matches under their belt. Muguruza is someone who thrives on regular matches, and most importantly, regular match-wins. She managed to get those vital match-wins in Birmingham, which was her best tournament since her semi-final finish in Rome. That accumulation of victories in Birmingham reignited the fire she so desperately needed on the grass. It provided the evidence that she could rediscover her grass court form from 2015.

As Muguruza has demonstrated this tournament, when she is feeling confident, she can beat virtually anyone on the WTA Tour.


4) Has the experience of winning a major title in singles

Making the 2015 Wimbledon final helped a lot, but actually being the last woman standing at the 2016 Roland-Garros would have really helped her confidence. Because of the dominance of Serena Williams, not many players actually reach the summit and achieve tennis’ greatest prize, but Muguruza achieved this in the grandest of styles. The difference between Muguruza and other players looking to win their first Wimbledon is that she truly believes she is good enough, because of the experiences in Paris last year.


5) Muguruza has transformed into an efficient volleyer

The biggest change in Muguruza’s game during this fortnight is her persistence in moving forward and transitioning into the forecourt. Many admired how dominant she is from the baseline and the amount of quick points she can earn off her first serve, but the one missing piece of the jigsaw was her transition game.

She has improved that tremendously at this year’s Wimbledon. Muguruza is now appreciating when she has hit a good groundstroke and she is winning much more points with development.

Muguruza and Williams are scheduled on Centre Court on Saturday, 2pm BST.

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