By Ros Satar

  • Marin Cilic will face Roger Federer on Sunday for the Wimbledon title
  • Cilic will look to win a second Grand Slam title and his first at Wimbledon
  • Still the only one of the Lost Generation to win a major
LONDON, UK – On Sunday Marin Cilic will try and add a Wimbledon title to his US Open title – 5 reasons why he can deny Roger Federer a 19th Slam and his eighth at Wimbledon.



The Best of the Lost Boys

Marin Cilic is by far the best of the ‘Generation Lost’ in having managed to convert his chances in a Grand Slam final to silverware. He faces his biggest challenge yet though when he meets Roger Federer in the 2017 Wimbledon Men’s Singles final. He beat Kei Nishikori to the punch after the gritty Japanese player had pretty much played himself into a standstill. With Milos Raonic having reached the final last year, maybe finally the Lost Boys are finding their way out of the murk, just as the oldest of the Big Four are reasserting themselves.

With Raonic and Nishikori still susceptible to injury, and with Grigor Dimitrov having fallen just when it looked as though he could make his mark, Cilic looks the most likely to add to his tally of Slams before his career is out.


The Bjorkman effect

Under the tutelage of Jonas Bjorkman, Cilic has put in a lot of work over the European season to work on his net game, packing in the doubles experience and it has showed. He has been coming forward and taking the initiative a lot. We could see some great exchanges up at the net but the Croatian’s wingspan might just give him the advantage


Federer still has not really been stretched

Sure, there may have been a few tie-breaks but Cilic had to battle through his last couple of rounds, and so might just be a little sharper and more tenacious and should this extend to four or five sets, you would have to give him the edge in terms of sticking power.

In particular, he bettered his win-loss record in five-set matches at Wimbledon to 6-4 with a 26-12 win-loss record overall. If he sticks to the game plan that undid Federer the last time they met, taking time away from him, he has a chance to make life very difficult.


Lay THAT Wimbledon quarter-final to rest

Few can forget that last year in the quarter-finals here, Cilic had quite the advantage over Federer, leading two-sets to love up before perhaps the enormity of what he was doing struck him squarely between the eyes!

Another aspect of the Bjorkman effect is the Cilic seems to have a lot more self-belief. He upended recently crownd double-Olympic Gold medallist Andy Murray in the Cincinnati final and while he does tend to fly under the radar for a lot of tournaments, this really should be his time to shine.


What else is on the line for Cilic

In the shadow of his former coach Goran Ivanisevic, Cilic is attempting to be come the first Croatian, man or woman, to win multiple grand Slam titles and to win at Wimbledon after Ivanisevic’s legendary run. More than that he will crack the Top 5 for the first time if he wins the title.


Cilic and Federer will play the Wimbledon Men’s Singles final on Centre Court at 2pm BST.

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