By Jake Davies

  • Five Reasons why Kevin Anderson will win the US Open
NEW YORK, USA – Here are five big reasons as to why we feel Kevin Anderson can take home his first major crown in Sunday’s US Open final.

No secrets in this matchup

There are no secrets between these two players. And I think that helps the underdog immensely. Kevin Anderson will know Rafael Nadal’s game inside-out. He will know ways to make Nadal feel uncomfortable on the court and will be aware of his strengths, which makes the preparation easier for the South African.


Anderson’s positioning key in preparation

I feel like Anderson is in a good place. Nadal dwarfs Anderson when it comes to Grand Slam final experience. It is the first time that Anderson will be competing in a major final matchup, but Anderson has been on the tour for quite some time and can use that necessary experience to pose a real challenge on Sunday. If you look at Anderson’s positioning in this match – he is not expected to win by the masses of fans and is regarded as a huge underdog – that can only be a positive from a mental standpoint.


Anderson can upset the apple cart with his type of game

The typical tennis game that can cause serious damage and problems to the great Rafael Nadal is the player that can push the envelope and take the game to the Spaniard. Anderson can do just that. Anderson has to go into the match with a clear game-plan of serving efficiently and being clinical with his first strike. If he engages in long, drawn-out rallies then he hands the initiative to Nadal, but if he manages to dictate the majority of the rallies then he gives himself a decent chance of causing the upset.


Win over Carreno Busta shows he can beat defensive players

The semi-final win against Pablo Carreno Busta was a massive statement win. Not only did Anderson show that he can win in a situation which he had never been in before, but he also beat the Spaniard as the heavy favourite. Like Nadal, Carreno Busta is more of a defensive player, so it can be very difficult for a power player like Anderson to remain consistent and aggressive at the same time. Anderson will be hoping that lightning strikes twice when he faces Nadal on Sunday.

Improved footwork

Anderson does not move as well as Nadal and he does not defend anywhere near as efficiently as his rival. That does not mean that Anderson has not progressed in his footwork over the years. He is one of the big guys that actually moves very well for his height. He may not win many points from his defence, but Anderson will take comfort in the fact that it is less of a liability than what it was many years ago.

The US Open Men’s final takes place on Sunday at 4pm (9pm BST).

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  1. RJB

    No comparison between Kevin’s semifinal opponent and RAFA! If Rafa is playing with even a fraction of the power and intensity shown over his last three matches…it will make it VERY difficult for the “maiden voyage” to Kevin’s Grand Slam final!


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