By Ros Satar, in Melbourne

  • Andy Murray – potential prize money for winning the Australian Open
  • Five time finalist is the top seed for the first time in his career
  • Goes into the Australian Open surely as one of the favourites to add a fourth Grand Slam title to his tally
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – The Australian Open is just around the corner – just how much money could be coming his way if Andy Murray wins?



Australian Open boosts its prize fund for 2017

The first Slam of the year is upon us and the prize money is on the up! The prize money has increased to start the 2017 season, with a bumper 14% hike on last year’s pot by 14%. At the top of the game, the rewards are clear, and the numbers at times unfathomable for winning a tennis match. Yet obviously we still hear of tales of corruption and match fixing at the lower levels of the sport.

While some may scoff at the ever increasing funds for first round losers, there is a method to the financial folly as year on year the Tournament Directors of the Slams try and alleviate some of the financial pressure felt at the lower tiers.

When the prize purse was announced for the Australian Open 2017, its Tournament Director CEO Craig Tiley said in a statement: “We are committed to further improving the pay and conditions on the international tennis tour to ensure every professional tennis player is properly compensated.

“It was especially important for us to increase the compensation for players in the early rounds and qualifying, and this year we have made some real gains. We are constantly reviewing ways to improve the life of every player on tour, not just the top 100. This includes increasing prize money as well as removing as many costs as possible associated with playing our events.

“Our aim is to shift the break-even point for professional players, to ensure that tennis is a viable career option for the best male and female athletes in the world. We are also committed to equal prize money, equal exposure and equal opportunity for men and women.”


Show us the money!

Place Prize Money Percentage increase from 2016
Winner AU$3,7m – £2.27m 9%
Finalist AU$1.85m – £1.14m 9%
Semi-finalists AU$820k – £503k 9%
Quarter-finalists AU$410k – £252k 9%
Fourth Round AU$220k – £135k 14%
Third Round AU$130k – £79.7k 20%
Second Round AU$80k – £49k 19%
First Round AU$50k – £30.6k 30%
Qualifying Third Round AU$25k – £15.3k 39%
Qualifying Second Round AU$12.5k – £7.7k 39%
Qualifying First Round AU$6,250 – £3.8k 39%


What does this mean for Andy Murray

Should Andy Murray reach the final for the sixth time, and win he will pocket over £2.27m for the privilege, with half that should he fall at the final hurdle. he does, of course, come into this year’s Australian Open as one of the favourites surely to reach the final once more, and with the strength of his end of year run which saw him beat Novak Djokovic in a showdown at the ATP world Tour Finals for the No. 1 spot, he could hold on to the top spot for a while.

Murray has final points to defend, and of course Djokovic could fall even further behind if he should fail to win a seventh title.

We can expect the other three Slams to announce rises and of all the four Slams the US Open remains the most lucrative.


Total Prize Purse for 2016 (Singles Events only)

Australian Open French Open Wimbledon US Open
AU$ 31.96m




£21.7m $36.3m



The Australian Open begins on 16 January.


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